Segura Quadruple Murder Trial Declared Mistrial, Will Be Rescheduled


Tallahassee criminal defense Attorney Nathan Prince has been managing the defense counsel for Henry Segura, a Tallahassee man accused of murdering his girlfriend and her three children in 2010. The quadruple homicide case has been anything but straightforward since the beginning due to unclear DNA evidence, confused testimonies, and even admissions of guilt from other suspects. Due to the difficulties involved in the case, a jury remained deadlocked after 19 hours of deliberation spread over two days’ time. Leon Circuit Judge James Hankinson was forced to call it a mistrial. A rescheduling will be necessary soon.

Details Regarding the Segura Murder Trial

Brandi Peters was found shot and beaten to death in her home, along with her three children, in late November 2010. Segura would be arrested several months later while he was working in Minnesota. Prosecutors argued that he murdered Peters and the children due to a large child support payment debt he owed her, which was reportedly around $20,000 at the time of her death.

Attorney Nathan Prince acted quickly to begin constructing a defense argument for Segura that could effectively counteract the prosecution’s statements, including showing that Segura was not the best spouse but was certainly not a murderer. Much of the defense case revolved around the apparent mishandling of evidence and poor investigative work carried out by the Tallahassee Police Department (TPD). During the trial, Segura even opted to testify for his own defense and to explain a string of suspicious behavior involving text message records between himself and Peters. He told the courtroom that he was merely trying to hide evidence that he had been cheating on her.

Various Holes in the Prosecution’s Case

Significant problems involving the prosecution’s evidence and argument have also been orbiting the case, which Attorney Prince once again used to his clients’ advantage. There were 200 DNA samples taken from the scene of the murders but none of those samples matched Segura, for example. However, there was a sample that matched a known criminal, Angel Avila-Quinones, who apparently worked with Peters to complete drug crimes for a cartel. Furthermore, another individual linked to that same cartel, Mr. James Carlos Santos, told police while he was in prison that a hit had been ordered to kill Peters due to her stealing $90,000 worth of drugs.

Later, police investigators worked with a wired informant to speak to two alleged hitman. Both of these men, DaMario Paramore and Heywood Griffin, claimed to have been the ones who murdered Peters and her children. Judge Hankinson has struggled to decide how the unusual and outlying evidence should be handled in the case. Only parts of the testimony, for example, have been admitted as usable evidence.

Attorney Prince Forges On for Segura

As a steadfast defender of the accused and their inalienable rights, Tallahassee criminal defense Attorney Nathan Prince will continue to work on the case and represent Segura. Undeterred by the continued efforts of the prosecution, he and the entire criminal defense law firm are hopeful for the future. The deadlocked jury indicates that there is significant doubt among the jurors, which will play to Segura’s benefit, as he must only be convicted if the highest of evidential standards are met.

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