Case Results

  • Not Guilty Defraud of Senior

    DG was the Sergeant in charge of supervising the financial crimes unit of a law enforcement agency with countywide jurisdiction. After a lengthy investigation DG was fired, arrested, and charged with engaging in an organized scheme to defraud a ninety-three year old man of nearly $100,000, along with 23 other related felony offenses. The State alleged that, after DG was initially called out to investigate a theft at the elderly victim’s home, he began a visiting the man several times each week in order establish a friendship and gain the man’s trust. The State alleged that over the next several months DG stole over $80,000 in cash, and approximately $20,000 worth of valuable collectible items from the victim’s home and safety deposit box. During the course of the alleged scheme, law enforcement became suspicious of DG’s activities and began following him. Ultimately, DG’s supervisors because suspicious of his activities and, with the victim’s consent, installed covert cameras in and around the victim’s home in hopes of catching DG in the act of stealing money. Eventually, law enforcement did obtain video footage of DG removing a large stack of cash from a hidden safe on the victim’s bookshelf. Law enforcement also obtained DG’s bank records, which showed that during the course of the investigation, DG had deposited tens of thousands of dollars in cash into his bank account. Additionally, law enforcement obtained an insurance ledger which listed all of the valuable items contained in the elderly victim’s safety deposit box. On the same three days that DG was captured on bank surveillance footage carrying a large black case into the safety deposit box room, law enforcement learned that DG had pawned items listed on the ledger at various pawn shops within minutes of leaving the bank where the elderly victim’s safety deposit box was kept. When confronted with the evidence, DG offered a full detailed video-taped confession, which was played at his trial. Notwithstanding all this evidence, Attorney Prince was able to get four of the charges dismissed and obtain a NOT GUILTY verdict on eighteen of the charges. The jury hung on two of the charges, but the State, having been thoroughly beaten and embarrassed, dropped those charges following the trial.

  • Not Guilty 1st Degree Murder
    VB was charged with first degree murder following an alleged gang related shooting and was originally facing the death penalty. Attorney Prince convinced the State to seek only life in prison without the possibility of parole prior to trial. At trial, the State alleged that VB, a member of the “Bloods” criminal street gang, observed the victim, who was a member of the “Crypts” criminal street gang, walking on her street one afternoon. In broad daylight and in front of many people, VB was alleged to have approached the victim and ordered him to leave her “set” or territory. When the victim refused, the witnesses all claimed that VB produced a firearm and shot him in the chest. The witnesses also claimed that, as the victim laid dying on the ground, VB stood over the victim and fired another shot into his body. VB then fled the scene. VB was later apprehended hiding out at a hotel. The firearm that had been used to shoot the victim was found in VB’s possession. Forensic analysis would later reveal that VB’s DNA was on the firearm, and would likewise demonstrate that when the second shot fired was into the victim he had indeed been laying prone on the ground. When confronted with the evidence, VB offered a full, detailed video-taped confession. Notwithstanding the evidence against VB, Attorney Prince succeeded in obtaining a NOT GUILTY verdict on the murder charge.
  • Not Guilty 1st Degree Murder
    JP was charged with First Degree Murder and Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon after he allegedly shot his girlfriend’s husband six times, killing him. JP was facing the death penalty, but the Attorney Prince convinced the State to only seek life in prison without the possibility of parole shortly before trial. At trial, the State alleged that JP had been engaged in a sexual relationship with a married woman who had separated from her husband. The witnesses agreed that on the night of the shooting, the victim came to his estranged wife’s residence in order to drop his son off. During the visit, the victim informed JP that he was going to get back together with his wife and told JP that he would need to pack his belongings and leave the residence immediately. The victim then left the residence, indicating that he would return shortly and that, when he did, JP would need to be gone. Once the victim left the residence, JP called his brother on the phone stating that he “needed some fire,” which meant that he needed a gun. JP admitted during the trial that his brother did in fact bring him the firearm before the victim returned to the residence. Later that evening, the victim did return to the residence, reiterating that it was time for JP to go. When the victim approached the porch where JP was seated, JP pulled the gun from his waistband and began firing. The victim was shot six times, including a fatal strike to the back. In addition to admitting that he shot the victim and that he possessed the firearm prior to the victim returning to the residence, JP admitted that he was an eleven time convicted felon during his testimony at trial. At the end of the four day trial, Attorney Prince obtained NOT GUILTY verdicts on both charges in a matter of minutes. Notwithstanding his acquittal, JP was not immediately set free because he was being held on other felony charges. Three weeks after JP was acquitted on the first degree murder and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon charges, Attorney Prince succeeded in getting the remaining felony charges dismissed by filing a motion to dismiss. JP was reunited with his family, returned to work, and now appreciates his freedom every day. JP remains close with Attorney Prince.
  • Not Guilty Sexual Battery

    GD was a starting wide receiver at Florida State University, and projected to be a first round NFL draft pick at the time of his arrest for sexual battery (rape). The State alleged that GD invited a female friend, the alleged victim, to go out drinking at a local night club with him and his friends. The alleged victim planned to sleep at GD’s apartment so that she would not have to arrange transportation back to her apartment so late at night. The victim claimed that she went to bed when she, GD, and his roommates all returned to the apartment. She further alleged that she was awakened by GD touching her buttocks and genitals sometime later, at which point she told GD to stop. The alleged victim claimed that GD then jumped on top of her, forcibly removed her underwear as she hit, bit, and yelled at him, eventually forcing her legs apart and penetrating her against her will. The alleged victim testified that she immediately fled the apartment following the assault, flagging down an officer and reporting the crime. Following his arrest, GD gave a full, detailed, video-taped confession confirming the alleged victim’s version of the events. Notwithstanding the evidence, Attorney Prince succeeded in obtaining NOT guilty verdicts on the charged offense of Sexual Battery, as well of the lesser offense of Attempted Sexual Battery. GD was immediately released from jail and returned to the football field to complete his collegiate career, and expects to be drafted in the 2016 NFL draft.

  • Not Guilty Sexual Battery
    DK was charged with sexual battery (rape) on his children’s seventeen year old babysitter. The alleged victim claimed that DK and his wife hired her to babysit their children so that they could go out one night. The alleged victim claimed that when the couple returned home late that evening, DK was intoxicated. She further asserted that, after his wife went to bed, DK began making sexual advances. The alleged victim specifically asserted that DK grabbed her hair so that she could not move her head and began kissing her. She claimed that DK then pushed her down on a couch, removed her shorts and panties and penetrated her against her will. The alleged victim claimed that, following the assault, DK was kneeling on one knee next to the couch naked explaining that he thought she “wanted it” when DK’s wife walked in and found them. The alleged victim ran to DK’s wife who called the police. Law enforcement alleged that, when they arrived at the scene, DK had locked his wife and the alleged victim out of the house and that a stand-off ensued. Law enforcement further explained at trial that they were ultimately able DK to agree to let them into the house, at which time he was arrested. Attorney Prince obtained NOT GUILTY verdicts on all charges related to the alleged assault. DK avoided the 50 years of prison time that he was facing and is a successful business owner today. DK remains close with Attorney Prince.
  • Not Guilty Sexual Battery

    NC was charged with sexual battery on an incapacitated victim after he was alleged to have digitally penetrated a drunk, sleeping woman without her consent. The alleged victim was an acquaintance of NC and he attended party at her residence on the night of the assault. The alleged victim consumed a large amount of alcohol and then went to her bedroom and passed out. She testified that she awoke early the next morning with her underwear and pants pulled down to find that NC was digitally penetrating her without her consent. The alleged victim screamed at NC, ran to her roommate’s room crying hysterically, and immediately called the police. NC fled the residence. NC soon began sending the alleged victim text messages apologizing. Law enforcement then arranged for the alleged victim to conduct a recorded phone call with NC. During the recorded call, the alleged victim told NC that she would only forgive him if he admitted what he did step by step and explained when he did it. NC obliged, confessing in explicit detail and claiming that he did it because he was “drunk and horny.” Notwithstanding the evidence, Attorney Prince obtained NOT GUILTY verdicts on both the charged sexual battery and the lesser attempted sexual battery. NC was immediately freed from jail.

  • Not Guilty 1st Degree Murder

    PL was charged with Attempted First Degree Murder with a Firearm, Attempted Armed Robbery with a Firearm, and Aggravated Battery with a Firearm. The alleged victim claimed that he was waiting outside a mall with over a dozen other people anticipating the release of the new “Air Jordan” shoes when PL approached him brandishing a firearm. According to the alleged victim, PL demanded his wallet then immediately struck him in the head with the firearm, knocking him to the ground. The alleged victim asserted that he then leapt to his feet and ran for his life, at which point PL began firing at him. The bullets struck the vehicle the alleged victim was hiding behind and several spent shell casings were ultimately obtained by law enforcement. PL then fled the scene. Many of the witnesses attended the same high school as PL several years before the alleged offense and were able to immediately identify him by name when law enforcement arrived on scene. Moreover, surveillance footage from a nearby gas station clearly depicted PL. When PL was arrested later that day, he was found in possession of the magazine clip and ammunition which matched the shell casings at the scene. PL admitted that he struck the victim and attempted to rob him. Notwithstanding the evidence, Attorney Prince prevented the jury from finding PL guilty of ANY of the charged offenses.

  • Not Guilty Aggravated Assault

    JC had no criminal history, but was charged with committing an aggravated assault with a firearm on a law enforcement officer, which is a “10-20-Life” offense which requires a minimum mandatory sentence in state prison. The alleged victim, who was an off duty law enforcement officer, claimed that JC became enraged after he accidently cut him off in traffic. The officer testified that JC followed his unmarked vehicle, honking, making obscene gestures, and swerving erratically from lane to lane. The officer explained that JC ultimately pulled up along-side his vehicle, pointing a firearm at him and yelling. The officer claimed that he slammed on his brakes and took evasive action to get away from JC. At trial, Attorney Prince exposed the officer as a racist who had used the “N-word” as a slur against JC, who was a young African-American male. The jury wasted no time in finding JC NOT GUILTY.

  • Not Guilty Attempted Murder

    CM was a prison release re-offender (recently released from prison and facing a mandatory life sentence) and prison gang member who was charged with Attempted First Degree murder after he allegedly stabbed a young man at a night club. The alleged victim with an investigator for the public defender’s office who was trained in police investigative tactics. He was at a night club with friends when he accidently bumped into CM. CM demanded the alleged victim explain “what his problem was” at which point the alleged victim explained that it was merely an accident. The alleged victim then turned around to leave when he felt a sharp strike to his back. He turned back around to face CM and asked why CM had punched him in the back. CM allegedly responded “No, bro… not a punch” holding up a blood covered knife. All of the alleged victim’s friends confirmed his version of the events and identified CM as the assailant. CM was especially easy to identify because of the distinctive prison tattoos on his face, which the alleged victim carefully described based on his investigative experience. Notwithstanding the clear identification by all the witnesses, Attorney Prince obtained a four minute NOT GUILTY verdict for CM after three days of trial testimony by the State witnesses. CM was immediately freed from jail. He moved out of state, got engaged, and had a little girl. CM also continued to pursue his music career, and is an emerging rapper who was recently signed by a record label. CM remains in close contact with Attorney Prince.

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